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Adelaide Trails

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By Bikeboy - Posted on 11 November 2014

Hi All ,

Has anybody got any Must do trails to ride in Adelaide as i am here for work and have found someone who hires out reasonable Hardtails .
Not so much interested in techy stuff , Eagle mtb park ??, but where else is a good flowy well marked trail to ride

Any help appreciated


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G'day Wayne,

I'm in Adelaide and can point you in the right direction.
Not riding myself at the moment due to a back injury (nearly better at the 10 week mark).

FYI, Fox Creek is the 'must do' trail network.
Eagle is pretty techy and very sketchy this time of year.
In the south, there's a bunch of trails round Belair, but certainly not well marked.
A bit further south, Craigburn Farm is a flow paradise, all machine built trails and plenty of berms and jumps.

Give me a call, I'm on holidays this weeks so easy to point you on your way.
(sent you a txt).

Whisperer (Steven)

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Hey Steve ,

Thanks for the heads up on the Trails .
It looks like Craigburn farm will be my only option as there is a Total Fire ban tomorrow so all others are closed .

I have just updated my correct mobile number too


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some good info here!

unfortunately I haven't ridden any of these so can't offer any advice Eye-wink

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