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Stolen bike

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By geoz - Posted on 26 April 2008

Sad but true.
My garage has been broken into, and 3 bikes were stolen: a KTM 250 EXC-F (a dirt bike, probably not of too much interest for you guys), Krisztina's Giant VT, and my Proceed. The biggest loss is the Proceed, it is a hand-built bike, and I'm not even sure you could find anyone selling the Proceed frames in Australia. I hope whoever stole it crashes in a very painful way.

Anyway, luckily we are insured, now I got to work out with these guys how to replace the bikes. Btw strange but my no-claim status changes and I'll have to pay a higher insurance premium ... because somebody else broke into my house? How is that my fault. Sad

Maybe you can keep an eye out on the trails, especially the Proceed should be easy to spot.
There are some pictures of the stolen bikes here:

Thanks in advance for your help.



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Hey George,

That's rotten luck mate, I hope the insurance pays out enough for you to replace the bikes...
Regarding premiums - yeah, it's a twisted world sometimes!

Not sure if the bikes will still be around i.e. on the Northern Beaches but were they stolen from Mona Vale?

Will definitely keep an eye out for you...

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