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Sydney skills training - beginner to intermediate level

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By ringo5050 - Posted on 01 December 2014

Can anyone recommend a Sydney based skills session/trainer for a beginner to intermediate level rider? Hoping to sort something out for a Christmas present.

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Lisa McHarg has been doing this for some time, only heard good things

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As have I. She's a *very* competent rider, well above my level of ability, and a good communicator.

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That's great. Thanks.

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For Lisa.

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Thank you very much, Hawkeye and Spindog for your kind endorsements.

I have been doing a lot of one on one lessons MTB coaching sessions with people on beginner and inter MTB skills lately (mostly with men) and they have got a lot out of the sessions.

Also, two weeks ago, Mountain Bike Australia flew me to Qld to train as one of their level 1 mountain bike course presenters. I already have my level 1 certificate but now I can present the course as well.

At this stage I don't have any Inter MTB group clinics planned as I am doing sessions with inter riders on a one on one basis, or small groups of friends. I will be posting some group beginner clinics on my website at shortly.

If you would prefer a male instructor that can be arranged as well.

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