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Ride Day 3 at Rotorua

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By hawkeye - Posted on 05 December 2014

On today's menu was a couple of laps of The Dipper, Pig Track, Red Tank Rd, Bunny Jugs 1 and 2 (more fun and less scary second time around), then took the shuttle up to the top.

Corners. How do I describe this trail? Think of the steep banked berms at Old Mans Valley. Then think of the steep descent down Quarry Track in Cascades. Then mix the two continuously for 5 kilometres, non stop with no respite. I don't think I pedalled or sat down once, it's all pump and flow and rail it hard while the bike G's out and make damn sure you turn your head and shoulders to face the corner exit. My thighs, glutes and pelvic muscles were all burning well before I got to the bottom and I wasn't sure whether grin from ear to ear or be glad it was done. I think I'll try grinning. Yep, that feels right.

After that it was a combination of Spring Roll and Sweet and Sour to regain some altitude before more bermed side-slope goodness down Dragons Tail and finishing off with another run chasing a group of Cannondale fanbois (did I say that? Shocked ) from Brisbane down The Dipper.

I managed to get a few nice shots with the young 'uns phone today, will try to shoot them thru in the next day or so to Rob to get them posted if that's not too much trouble.

One frustration we've been having with the chest mounted GoPro is the amount of camera shake even with the chest mount done up to the tightest, so today we mounted it to the bars on Josh's bike hoping for less wonky footage.

Tomorrow we will do Underbelly (new trail), Billy T and try to link up with Split Enz, which we're told is something special - with great scenic photo ops to keep Rob happy Smiling

'Til the next instalment...

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Sounds like you're having a ripper of a time! Quarry downhill + OMV hahahaha.

You're in the right place with sydney being belted by afternoon thunderstorms for the last 3 days with more to come this weekend. I hope P+L dry out a little before the xmas ride otherwise a mountain bike ride to west head might be on the cards Eye-wink

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Are you kidding me?
Buy yourself a 10 or 20 shuttle ticket, share it between the two of you.Wait at the Waipa carpark on the road just out the bike shop / coffee stand 15 minutes before the shuttle starts and catch the first shuttle up from there. Then ride the thing till you are spent and pcik your favourite exit trail for the ride in the dark home.

Of course you know you have had fun on the shuttle when you opt for the fire roads home because you have nothing left in the tank to enjoy trails like Be Rude Not 2

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Actually it was Josh's call.

We were both a bit fatigued after the previous days climbing efforts, and figured we'd pick up again the following day. My lower back is aggravated by lots of descending out of the saddle and it was getting uncomfortable towards the bottom. We'll probably buy another ticket depending on how we go Saturday and then choose which trails to do again.

Don't forget we've got Eagle vs Shark to check out as well. Smiling

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“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!” - Hunter S Thompson

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LIfes exciting, but cautious and riding within limits is good when you're in your 50s like me, you still get a buzz. I got to get to NZ one day.

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this track is the new pinacle I think. Just a pity it drops you in the middle of nowhere. Lots of pump amd flow and really easy to pick up speed if your smooth

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We ended up not riding Eagle as Josh wanted to do Corners again, and I wanted to do Split Enz and Pondy and were put off by Eagle ending up on the other side of the mountain as you mention.

Next time!

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When you do Eagle vs Shark ride back via Red Tank Rd / Pipeline Rd it is BY FAR the easiest way back. There is a small climb at the end (to the top of Be Rude and bottom of Hot X buns) but its nothing in comparison to the other routes !!

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