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Dirtworks ticket for sale - late notice!

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By TonyW - Posted on 01 May 2008

I had entered the dirtwork 50km Master and now cannot do it. I noticed that others have sold their ticket and thought I would put it out there at late notice. Im not quite sure how this sale works so if anyone can fill me in that would be great.

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Hello Tony yes i will buy your ticket which i also did last year. Please give me a call on 0410 485 969. rob Goodwill 12.15 pm Frid 2 May

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I've checked with Henry from maxadventure regarding competitor swap & category changes and below is what he said:

The competitor list for the Dirt Works 2008 has now been finalised. Any further
changes such as competitor swaps or changing categories must be done on
Saturday, 3rd May at registration. Registration will be open from 5pm - 9pm on
Saturday. Please note, a competitor swap needs to be accompanied by the
original receipt and written approval from the current entrant. No changes will
be allowed on Sunday.


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Thx Gonz for info and sorry other interested people but sold early thismorning.

I did not even know it was possible until I saw it on the site last night...another good result from this site!!!!


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