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Happy Holidays - Bantry Bay Gahnia Track is now open!

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By Rob - Posted on 24 December 2014

Amazing stonework/ rock armouring on this trail

Just in time for the holiday break another amazing win for local riders. Bantry Bay Gahnia track is now open.

Aimed at experienced riders this trail runs in a one way North to South direction from the Bluff Track entrance. See Gahnia Trail Map.

NPWS explains, "...the first 50 m of this track has been designed to test if your bike handling skill is at the level needed for tracks rated ‘more difficult’. If you find you are not yet competent at all the challenges in this section, then do not proceed any further along the track. It is permitted to go back up the track to the start from this section only. Do not cut through the bush to exit the track.

Thanks to Mario for the pictures (more after the break) - this stuff looks great.

Get out there!

More discussion here: Gahnia - Bantry Bay ready to ride Christmas Eve.

Ride this up

rock armours are plenty

My driveway could use some of this. Nice Work !!

rock works

Down this as well

You need to ride this down..

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awesome. I'm riding this tomorrow

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Keen to here your routes linking in the Dam?

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The trail is some seriously sweet stuff. You can roll everything, and their aren't really any super steep sections but it gets a bit twisty.
I only rode it with one brake so I went at a crawling pace but it was a pretty nice stuff,
all the best for the trail builders!
Hope we all have a great Christmas

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