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Woah Mamma

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By GiantNut - Posted on 03 January 2015

I know this is a MTB forum but check this miraculous escape. One thing is the rider didn't get killed but the guy behind must have reflexes of a cat to avoid disaster. Happened near Byron Bay - Action starts 34 secs in for those in a hurry.

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Bizarre how that alloy strip gets flicked up in just the right way to go in the spokes. Shocked

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Hope this guy is recovering!
Looks like the strip got caught on his feet as well and couldn't come out!

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Apparently he was back on teh bike the next day. Obviously not *this* bike - it was a write-off.

Here's a screen grab from the vid at about T minus 0.01 before lift-off.

Black Flash had a stick go in his rear wheel at the Christmas ride. Fortunately he got on the brakes before it took out his seat stays.

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Very lucky fella on the vid.

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I have ridden on roads and been to events on road i thought the person in front usually points out potholes or debri on the side of the road to fellow riders behind .

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