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Wanted: 18/19" soft tail wanted

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By Tristania - Posted on 29 January 2015


Hi, I know someone who is wanting a bike for a 16th birthday present after discovering MTB at a school camp. We are looking around the $1000 mark or a bit more for a bike that is second hand but in reasonable condition. He definitely won't be racing (though we all say that and things change! Eye-wink ) with it, so it doesn't need it to be super light, though I suspect he'll enjoy a soft tail a lot more that has 5" of travel - something like a Giant Trance or Trek Fuel 26er would probably be fine.

He's just under 6' but still growing so would guess a 19" frame would be ideal but an 18" or 20" would probably be sufficient.

Shoot me a message if you're trying to get rid of something of the like and maybe we can arrange to check it out.

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Although i cant help you with your search, i can try help with info. A trance is spot on what he needs. Im 6' and my old 09 trance medium fitted nicely (a tiny bit small but in a good way) and they have a low stand over so very good to grow into.

You will easily pick one up for around the $1,000 mark in good nick.

Good luck,


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