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Post 50,000! Thank you!

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By Rob - Posted on 03 February 2015

While taking a break from that giant comical thread on MTB wheel sizes I've just noticed we were about to hit 50,000 threads. So here it is, post 50,000.

This is a small site and the number isn't particularly large compared to many others, but it's as good a milestone as any to thank everyone who contributes in both knowledgeable and often humorous ways. The mods here do their best to keep things clean, tidy and balanced. It's a credit to all that despite a lot of passion not much has to be done in that respect. Even when discussing wheel sizes Eye-wink

So thank you all. Here's to 50k more... Cheers! Smiling

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I remember the days of the old school yard
or was that a song
I can't remember

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what diameter is that cake?

Oh come on, you know someone had to ask.

Just to be clear, smiley face, smiley face, smiley face, wink, wink, wink, and for those that don't read everything

Smiling Smiling Smiling Eye-wink Eye-wink Eye-wink

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haven't had such a good laugh for sometime...tks Rob for a great site and tks to all who participate and share their passion for things that go round in the dirt! Eye-wink

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Rob, the site is great and the MTB community supporting it is fantastic, We've all asked questions and received knowledgeable and insightful responses which, for a relatively anonymous internet site, is remarkable - many other sites are ruined by haters and trolls so it is a great service to us riders to have such a high quality site at our disposal.


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Well done Rob - a good site and a bit of a community service really.

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well done Rob,its an excellent resource and i have met quite a few people on here that have become true friends.

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Congrats Rob. It's the primo MTB site for Sydney. You've managed to create quite a community with a very healthy mix of banter, track talk and gear info. Not an easy task but you've done it well.

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I remember my first ride with you Matt at Terry Hills I believe
And my first NoBMoB ride on my old hardtail where I shit myself
I was glad to get a flat so I could walk back to the car
Think it was Marramarra NP

Junkie, cupcake, lorrie, pikey, paul, etc were all there
Blondie and Gaz probably there arguing as well Sticking out tongue
Was Stuart there going for the shit stir award with Pikey?
Who can remember - good times tho

Sure has been around a long time Rob

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Congratulations on such a successful website Rob.

I think that NobMob has been a huge influence on the mountain biking scene on the Northern Beaches and beyond, particularly in trail advocacy. Now we are seeing the benefits of the great work of many of the users from this site with the new trails at Bantry Bay.

It is a bit scary that my first NobMob group ride was over 7 years ago!

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How long has it been going now Rob? Must be close to 10 years? For me it's been a very useful source of advice, trail info, race calendar info, advocacy news, occasional group rides, a 24 hr race and much general amusement generated by some of the threads.

Long may it continue...

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Where would we be without access to this precious resource? I'd have a lot fewer bikes, I'm sure.....

Thanks Rob.

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Thanks Rob.
Awesome trail database full of great places to ride
Met a bunch of terrific people
Provided a critical enabler for keeping Manly Dam open
Brought people together to change cycling policy at the highest level of government, the fruit of which is both new trails and respect for our sport
A great place to talk bike shite
"Thanks" doesn't seem like enough.

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Thanks Rob this site has helped me to get into this wonderful sport, meet some really great people and learn a lot about bikes and riding in general. Keep up the great work

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Ago Mr Bloot!Crazy how the time goes.the menai ride were I turned up with two bottles of beer in my pack for morning tea(I had drunk the other 22 the night before)was also an epic day.Twenty odd riders and you managed too ingeniously to cable tie your spokes to your fork and baffled everyone as to why yr wheel wouldn't turn-genius"s with their gps devices getting us on an 11km rd detour!ah good times....

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does anything beat the time he used his "boys" to operate the brake lever?

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fantastic resource that you've created, maintained and grown over the years! This site, the trails and the people on it continue to expire an ever increasing obsession with this great sport. I can only hope that it is still around in the years to come when my kids take to the trails and are looking for new trails to scope out or people to ride with!

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I'd also like to add my thanks, this site definitely boosted my love/obsession for the sport and without it I'd not have met some great people.

Thanks again and here's to another 50k posts.

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Great site! Indispensable for us Northern Sydney MTBer's with a great bunch of friendly regulars lurking to add value or merriment (which is very rare for internet forums)
Being in the internet feild I know how much time this stuff takes so thanks Rob for your hard work

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Sure have been some characters over the years
Still have my old NoBMoB white T that I break out every so often

And who will ever forget the hooha my savaged sack caused Sticking out tongue
Certainly not Stuart

PS: I forgot about that ride Matt - it was huge
I remember Gazza on his Spec enduro wowing us with his talents

Q: Who turns up to a morning ride with beer for morning tea
A: Someone with a bad hangover
Such dedication

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yep, like they said Rob - thanks!

CB's picture

Wonderful work Rob and others.

Here's to the next 50K


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Thanks Rob and everyone else involved with the site. It's such a fantastic resource and has made getting into this sport on the beaches so much easier and way more fun!

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Great work Rob.


Andy Bloot's picture

memorial T-shirts?

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I did my first group ride ( late 2007 and was hooked straight away.

Andy Bloot's picture

What a great find Brian
Look at that rogues gallery

Who's in?
pikey, christine, arpit, Whisperer, Paul, evan, Matt, Little-Ditty, Caro, GAZZA, bikemad, ar_junkie, Gilbo, Steve 01, Andy Bloot, GeordieAndy, Gary, ScottM, whippet, Brian, Rogue

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Where are they now? Eye-wink

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Well done Rob.
Met you on my first ride and been trying to get rid of you since! Eye-wink

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I can remember my first real ride was at Yellowmundee , I was told about this site by a mate I met at work who is also on this site , my memory of the riders were Mr Bloot himself ,Lozza and his mates with partners , Sth African Daniel and a girl I had problems with my cleat not unclipping as I put a spacer in it and the screws came lose involving in my first ever big stack which , which Bloot informed me what might have happened and I thought he was a smart @ss but he was right and its been good meeting you all at some time thru out my 5 yrs or more on here at rides or at races being a Marshall or rider .

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It's been a while since i've posted, but 50000 is a major milestone.

I went and dug up photos from one of the very first nobmob rides

There's pikey and craig Smiling

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By Jingo by crikey, well done & Thanks Rob for providing a fabulous forum for such an eclectic group of misfits. We're all the better for it!

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yup those were the days

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