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Did some skids.....

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By Antsonline - Posted on 10 February 2015

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AMB 100 Marathon
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I'll keep this brief, because it was a pretty uneventful race.
Jeez, it was a hot and hard day. the track was brutal - loads of climbing, rocks with sharp edges, and then jarring descents.

I've been working on some specific tech skills over the summer because I am sick of going to Stromlo (and other places really) and getting beaten due to a lack of tech ability or just being too cautious. alweays on the 'downs'. Sure local knowledge helps, but until I allowed myself to get past that (they will always know it better than me - use that to my advantage) I was never gonna compete.
Turns out that it worked pretty well and for the first time in a while I was managing to ride to a level that I was happy with. I had a great time out there.

I was in a real dual with the two 4Shaw riders - Tom Goddard and Scott Bowden. I have roughly 15 years more fatigue in my old muscles than them - but I managed to hang on to seperate them and come in 2nd place. To be honest, Scott was in a different class, and Tom had a sore wrist - but hey - you can only race what you are presented with!
I even took the odd KOM at Mnt.Stromlo - not an easy place to go and be 'fastest'. In fact, I suspect they wont stand for very long!

All in all - very happy with the first serious race of the year. Looking forward to the next big block of training and then Capital Punishment - back at the Mountain.

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249W average power Shocked

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Double post

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Yeah - the power is just the usual rough guess that Strava pumps out. It felt much more solid than 249w!!
I dont run a PM on my MTB anymore. I did, but found it all so stochastic that it was close to irrelevant. Despite riding by power a lot elsewhere, I find HR to be as close as you can get on the MTB....

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Top result especially down in ACT... Nice to read some of your posts again

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Thanks @andyfev - I took a bit of a sabbatical from the posts. Got married and just did some 'pleasure riding' for a few months. Was fantastic.
Nice to be back!

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Congrats, I did that two 5yrs ago... Two kids later and I've almost divorced by bike! This site keeps me hanging on Eye-wink

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Nice work.

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Nice to see another one of your posts, looking forward to reading another one after Punishment!

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Well done on the podium finish

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Yes nice to have you back.

are you also going to "I was never gonna compete" at the reverse convict this year? it could be the key.

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Thanks @Obmal
Yep - the 'reverse Convict'....see what I did there...Eye-wink
Its high on the list of priorities.

Before then we have the Snowies MTB Festival (next weekend) at Crackenback, Cap Pun, Giant Odyssey in Forrest, and the Wombat 100 in Woodend....
Looking forward to it all.

Ironically though, despite all this racing, the biggest goal of the year is a bet I have laid down with a few others around who will be the first to make 3 laps of the Wylde MTB track in under 90mins!

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But that will quickly escalate into 4 laps under 2 hrs Eye-wink

PS Great ride

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