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Creating a smart phone app for cyclists - online survey to help a nobmober/masters student at UTS

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By akk - Posted on 16 March 2015

Hi nobmobers

-nobmober/mum/worker and forever the uni student here

- Hoping I can post a cycle survey link for anyone who fancies procrastinating at work and helping a group of mature age Masters students?


We are creating a cycle app and I would value anyone willing to smash out a response for us - if we had prizes and incentives I would definitely provide them.....

Random thoughts, meaningless trivia and re-direction of this post welcome.


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Just a quick those that have jumped on and replied - BIG THANKS..!!!!!! I appreciated it.

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Hey Thanks for posting - yes we like the functionality of the RTA website .

We would also love to have other items such as a feed from BOM showing radar of the coming weather..... as an overlay over the length of the bike trail/road etc etc...

Any other suggestions always welcome Smiling The survey response has been fantastic from fellow nobmobers.

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Why bother with an app when most sites (even this one! Eye-wink) are responsive? I don't know what technology you are looking at but going for a native app for anything aside from games doesn't really look like the smart move for most applications.

That aside, our maps work well on mobiles. I guess I could add the mobile 'where are you' feature that would use the device's GPS to show a rider's location on a map, but aside from that, what more do you need?

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Native apps have a super short lifecycle. Can be more feature rich but it gets expensive porting to multiple devices. Better to develop using the newer platform independent technologies.

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I agree Smiling

I suggest you have more experience and knowledge than i do Hawkeye!

Quick question form the student here.....Do you mean it's better to develop a desktop rich website - is that what you mean by newer platform independent technologies?

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You need to Google terms such as 'mobile first', 'responsive', 'cordova', 'react native', etc, etc Eye-wink

But in broad terms, unless you need absolute speed I don't think it's worth building native. You can use more generic technologies that will run across multiple smartphone platforms without the expense of native development for each.

Perhaps you need to drop me a mail? Eye-wink

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Unless you're using specific hardware features then a responsive, mobile-first solution would be your best approach.

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Many thanks for the feedback everyone.

Rob, I was always impressed with this site...however, now that I have returned to university and understand all the work behind it I am even more impressed.

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Thanks for your kind words akk. Despite some 'tweaks' to make this look OK-ish on mobile I have actually been toying with re-developing the whole thing to make the 'global' part easier to manage and overall more usable. Hmmmm... we will see Eye-wink

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I think that would be a worthwhile investment Rob. Helps keep the site fresh and competitive with other platforms.

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LOL @hawkeye... the return on investment on this site has been pretty poor. Well... monetarily anyhow. Lucky everything isn't measured by bean counters, huh? Smiling

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