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Wanted: Single speed 19t

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By twotommos - Posted on 12 May 2015


Anyone know where I can purchase a single speed 19t that's shimano cassette compatible. I'm also not looking at a Surly brand cog.

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May be just what you need...

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Just got a couple of bits off them including a 17 and 18 tooth and delivery took around 1 week. They have a nice thick base too.

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Wow that's super helpful!
What ratios are you boyz generally riding?
I'm hoping to post a single speed ride on NobMob of these days when my steed is finally ready.

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I've only just set up an old alloy 26"HT SS. I'm running 34-17 at the moment and find that fine for gradual climbing but found it hard to get up steep stuff like the goat track at Yellomundee and couldn't make the rock garden after the bridge. I also have 33-18 which would make it slightly easier but haven't fitted it yet. I was going to run 34-18 on advice from Big Steve but my chianstay length wouldn't play nice with that combination.

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32/18 is pretty much the sweet spot for me on the local tracks. 17 put me in the hurt box, but was no quicker overall on say Perimeter and Long. 20t is just too spinny and slow but if you're a spinner, Spinner, it may spin your pinwheel.

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Too funny dude!

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