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Knapsack Build Day - June 27th

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By ChopStiR - Posted on 11 June 2015

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Saturday, 27 June, 2015 - 08:30
4 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Knapsack Reserve
Meeting Point: 

Southern end of Barnet St, (below the oval).

A small area for parking is available opposite to the gate across the road

Knapsack Meeting Location - Southern end of Barnett St


Start at 8:30am at the southern end of Barnet St, (below the oval).

Blue Mountains City Council have hired Adrian from Synergy to lead the Maintenance days.

Trail maintenance will only run for 4hrs. To get the most out of it, please arrive early and be ready to start.

Council and Synergy need to know in advance the number of Volunteers that will be coming. With a bigger turn out means Council and Synergy will hire more staff for the day which also means we can get more done.
If too many people are turning up unannounced it is possible volunteers may be turned away. We do not want this to happen so please register if you are coming.

Please click link to say you will be coming or send an email to

Who's in?
Chuck, ChopStiR, moggio, BakTerrier, miggle, Shtark (6 riders)
Chuck ChopStiR moggio BakTerrier miggle Shtark
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Looking forward to this... though any idea what what we will be working on?

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Not real sure what we will be working on, but I will bring my rock tools!

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I rode there today for the first time ages... must say there are lots of things that need to be worked on in the existing trail. All that eroding stuff around the lookouts and rusted car just kills the flow of some otherwise really great trail.

Sadly some of the new stuff gets lost in the general tangle, but works well when you ride it in the context of a full loop. How people are supposed to work that out at the moment I don't know? Its almost like the intended loop should be marked out in pink tape so people will ride it in so it becomes distinct.

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Spoke to Adrian, he's hoping to do some stuff near the lookouts but needs to discuss it with Trish. I'm not sure exactly what he wants to do.

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There are enough bits falling apart horribly in the vicinity of the lookouts that were designated in the original reports that they needed some love. From a flow perspective kinda fun when riding down but lousy when riding up. Interested to see what Adrian has in his sights.

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Been meaning to check our Knapsack for ages now. My mate's just moved into the area so I figure we might as well come and dig before we ride.

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See you there Shtark!!

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Hey Guys,

After the recent events of Mt Riverview tracks being closed without any consultation or notice, I have decided that I will no longer support council in their efforts to build tracks whilst treating us like we are a bunch in idiots.

I tried for m7 years to work with the system and follow the rules, but this time I'm done. No more, they can shove their processes etc where it hurts.

I'm done!!

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that sums it up

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Spoke to Blue Mountains Council and they said it is Crown Land doing this.

All they know is that apparently there were some complaints from Mt Riverview residents and Crown lands have gone in. hence I guess the approach they are taking which is pretty brutal chopping trees and the like. If council were doing this it would be more of a bush regeneration approach.

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Resident/s complain to council
Someone in council sees the land is managed by Crown lands
They contact crown lands and tell them of the trails in the area causing concern
Crown goes in under the cloaked direction of BMC

Council has effectively shifted the blame for the trail and land destruction

Tell me I'm wrong

NB: Again, this isn't directed at those working with council
It's not about any individuals, but the underhand way council go about their business
And we are supposed to fall over ourselves in gratitude

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i am also devastated by the recent destruction however bmcc is not entirely to blame as at the end of the day state government dropped the hammer it unfortunate the situation didnt unfold differently but giving up will unfortunetly achieve little come dig somewhere they cant destroy and maybe well get a good trail soon Smiling

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There will be rock work tomorrow so if anyone has a wheel barrow they can bring for the XC area that would probably be pretty handy to have on hand.

Also any rock tools will come in handy.

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Will be interesting to see what rock tools you bring Mog. Maybe you can carry the rocks up the track for the Hammer!! Smiling

moggio's picture

The only rock tool I have is my head.

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I think the day went pretty well. We will need some good numbers at the next one to finish off the trail below the fields we started today.

The guys at the DH seemed pretty stoked with their efforts today as well. It certainly looks more DH.

Also there is a tentative date for the next build day in early to mid July. We will post that up when it gets confirmed.

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The new work behind the soccer field will make a big difference and it will be good to get out of that mud.

Thanks to Adrian from SNORC and Olivia for their help today.

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