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Hellfire Cup FAQ & Promo

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By Antsonline - Posted on 29 July 2015

Hey everyone - towards the end of last year I wrote a bit about the Hellfire Cup in Tassie (19th - 22nd November). Its a hell (excuse me) of a good event.
As I said before, its a bit of a cross between a race, a social event, and a music festival. A really unique vibe. $ days of incredible MTB riding on some rad trails, with only half an eye on the results sheet.

Anyway - if anyone was interested in going, or had questions, there are two events this week that will provide answers and also some benefits..
tonight at the Dirt Nights event in Forestville (as per the events calendar - I will be there with a bit of 'merch' and also a competition to win some seriously discounted entries.

This will also be repeated on Friday evening at Cyclery Northside, where they are having a bit of a beer and Hellfire night that ou swing into on your way home from, or after work.
Duncan (race organsier of Hellfire) will be there on Friday with answers to every question you could imagine - and some answers to ones you couldnt (such as "did you really strap two leaf blowers to your bike and use them to try and jump a castle made of bike boxes at last years event closing party?") - photo evidence attached...

Here is the link to that event...

So - if you ever wondered about, or considered doing the race - come along to either. Remember - discounted entry prizes of up to 50% off are defo up for grabs (I have them in my hands now...)

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