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Wildside Difficulty

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By nh - Posted on 29 July 2015

If anyone has raced the Wildside stage race in Tasmania before could you comment on how technical the trails are? Particularly how it compares to the trails around Sydney.

My wife is considering entering and is not yet confident riding all of Manly Dam. Would the this make the Wildside not enjoyable or would it just mean walking a few sections?

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Raced it about 4 years ago with a mate.

The trails vary, but 99% is rideable for un confident riders.

There's a down hill on the second day with some pretty sketchy single track, but it's very easy to get off and walk.

On the third day in the afternoon is a pretty awesome rocky leg, similar to the Convict trail near Wiseman's ferry but again easy to avoid the sketchy stuff.

So I'd say go nuts, it was an awesome 4 days

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