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What's the best...

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By ride_4_life - Posted on 30 July 2015

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Well yes. That's the relationship Spokey and I have had for nigh on 30 yrs.
He's a Capricorn and I'm Taurus. Hence, why I won't allow him to steer the tandem.
We love nothing more than walks on the beach followed by tea and cake at the Fairy Bower tea house.
When it comes to riding we stick mainly to the paved trails. Only occasionally venturing onto the more hardcore sections of the Manly Dam firetrail. We walk both up and down the steeps. But it's really just about being surrounded by nature.

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Brother Oldandslow. Just the way I like it; old and slow.

Best all mountain trail? A gentleman never gossips, nor breaks confidences, but rest assured it is truly rugged Eye-wink

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Spoken like true
Broke bike mountain backers Eye-wink

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This one time, at bike camp...

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Is this what you do before riding........
Was that really you in the middle of the road today?
One day we'll actually ride together Eye-wink

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