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Wanted: Medium Hardtail

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By hawkeye - Posted on 01 August 2015


I'm looking for a Medium 26er hardtail for my daughter for a uni commuter bike.

Prefer it to be an older bike that won't attract thieves, but needs to have good quality reliable running gear on it that is not clapped out, preferably Deore or above. V brakes are OK. Rigid forks are also OK, maybe even preferred. Shrader valved wheels would be viewed favourably.

Let me know whatcha got. Smiling

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Kimbriki re-use shop

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I have medium (18") Giant XTC2 which is stock except for Mavic CrossRide Disc wheels, Deore cranks, and Maxxis Larson TT tires.

It's got a SRAM X9 rear derailleur, Deore front derailleur, Rockshock Recon 351 air, Juicy 3 brakes

It's immaculately maintained including shock seals/oil, BB, cables etc etc, hasn't seen too much hard work and is pretty decent bike still. It has a few marks on it, but for it's age I'd give it a 8 out of 10.

It just sits around here forlorn, watching me take it's new siblings out instead, although I did take it out to Wylde MTB track a few months ago for a laugh and it still bought a smile to my face....

As for your asking price....are you negotiable? I'm writing this and questioning whether or not I really want to sell it.....

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That's probably a bit more bike than she wants - it's going to be chained up at Uni all day and might be a bit too attractive to thieves.

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