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Don't be an ass - stay off Engravings Track

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By hawkeye - Posted on 14 September 2015

The sign says it all. If we keep riding the Engravings Track at Bantry Bay we ain't gonna get any more.

Don't be an ass. Stay the hell away and enjoy the other tracks they spent $800k building *just for us* - Gahnia and Serrata.

But if that's how you roll, remember to smile for the camera.

Because when the approval gets revoked and the trail pulled out because you just can't help yourself, you're gonna have tens of thousands of angry mountain bikers coming for you to get an "explanation".

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especially not at 8am on a Sunday morning

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Are you allowed to ride the section between Seaforth Oval to Bantry Bay fire trail ??

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All bets off on night rides for the Dam Gadzooks

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So far as I'm aware that section is in the road reserve, not the Nat Park, so that section should be fine.

The section this sign is about, which has been closed and rehabilitated, and is being monitored by remote feed camera is known as "secret squirrel" on Strava.

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