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Mountain bike access formalised at St Ives Showground

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By hawkeye - Posted on 22 September 2015

St Ives Showground POM is available.

Mountain bikes rate a mention now and their use of HART and the Mini-Wheels area is confirmed (with the usual get-out clauses), along with investigation of cross-country trails networks subject to sustainability.

Thanks to everyone who made a submission.

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Why all the xc trails? How about some other kinds of fun descending trails with jumps and drops and technical rock gardens. We have nothing like those legally.

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If not, there's your answer.

Does the precinct have areas suitable for that type of trail?

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Plenty of submissions have been made over the years hawkeye but for some reason downhill tracks seemed to be frowned upon.

Probably due to liability issues.

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Unfortunately DH is also a young mans game. Sure there are a few of us older DHers around but not many.

XC on the other hand has a much larger base and many many more 30-50year old execs that are willing to push things along.

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I think at this point we will take what we get. Any step towards trails getting built or legalised is a win no matter what discipline.

Behind the back of hart towards quarry hill/cascades could be awesome. Plenty of gradient and the right sorta terrain for some techy AM sniggle stuff. Have it run next to quarry firetrail and sorta snake down the hill.

Could be sweet!


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Liability isn't really an issue so long as the trails are built to an accepted set of guidelines such as IMBA's.

I understand submissions have been made - I've written more than a few of thise myself - but when a POM review comes up the submissions need to be made to THAT particular POM within the submission window, or it doesn't count. That's how the system works.

Hence my pinging JD about responding to this particular POM.

Normally I make comment about the need to include gravity riders but time was short along with my capacity to think creatively. Further, I'm not sure we have sufficient elevation change within the Showgrounds area that is the subject of the POM to make a worthwhile gravity trail feasible. At least that was my assumptuon.

Someone please correct me if I am wrong on that last point?

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