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All Aboard for Appin!

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By Little-Ditty - Posted on 02 June 2008

Saturday, 2 August, 2008 - 09:00
5 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Never been to Appin, and I hear it is pretty good. So, who coming? Looks like a very nice area based on the photos. Even those Cannondale boys seem to enjoy it, so anyone can do it!! Sticking out tongue

I am not fussed about rider numbers for this, so the more the merrier. Does anyone know how technical the trails are? Some of the photos look as though there will be some walking parts if you are a noob. Maybe call this one intermediate skill level? Anyway, best use your own judgement, unless some of the veterans want to enlighten us.

The pace will be social without being slow. I don't plan on doing "training pace".

Any questions? Leave your message after the beep, or call me on the day on 0438 885 410.

See you there!

Who's in?
Rob, pikey, arpit, davis_jnr, shano, Buck, evan, Little-Ditty, starship303, Caro, GAZZA, Bruce, lorrie, kiwiboy, Andy Bloot, lozza6, GavYo, Xphyle19, donal, Gonz, Maria, dogsputnik, Martin Dall Asta, camster (24 riders)
Rob pikey arpit davis_jnr shano Buck evan Little-Ditty starship303 Caro GAZZA Bruce lorrie kiwiboy Andy Bloot lozza6 GavYo Xphyle19 donal Gonz Maria dogsputnik Martin Dall Asta camster
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Buck's picture

Perfect! I was just thinking of posting a ride here too this morning. If what Rob says is true then it should be awesome Cool

kiwiboy's picture

too far away in the calendar to be meaningful at present, but we are likely starters, may have one or two extras also.

if at first you don't succeed, try not to look astonished.

McPete's picture

I'm in on that one. I'm actually heading out there tomorrow with a bunch from Farkin. Should be good. I should probably be bringing an extra, who some of you might remember from one of the Lucas Heights rides... The inhuman guy on the red BigHit.

Rode it today with my mate... We're not sorted to ride that kind of course. Perhaps not this time.


Carlgroover's picture

I need some practise on this track as I'm racing here a fortnight later, anyone know if the area to be raced will be obvious or not? Possibly there's only one main track or maybe there's heaps?
Cheers John.

alchemist's picture

There's a few different tracks and options, but it's not quite a maze of tracks like Killi or Majura. The Wollongong Club have a club raced scheduled the week before the State Champs and they'll use this as a test of the track they're planning to use for the Champs. I suspect they'll be out doing a lot of track work the weekend of the 2nd

Rob's picture

Cool... if we get to meet some of the locals doing work it'll be nice to be able to thank them and rave about how we love it! Smiling

starship303's picture

Sounds like an interesting ride. Will be up for this (thanks for the massive notice too Eye-wink ). Hopefully someone with good knowledge of the area is coming (?).

Oh and those who are wanting some more info on the trail/s check out the following:

my Intense 5.5 ~ my NS Suburban

Iconic Bionic's picture

Out my way. Im only a part-timer but the tracks/trails are an infinite maze. Watch out for trail bike riders.

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Hi all,

As of today, there are 27 riders with their name in the hat.

That is a lot, and to be truthful, too large to keep in one group. So I thought I would flag with you all already that we will have to split our group up into at least 2 smaller groups. There is no way 27 riders can ride together.

Don't worry, I will ensure on the day that all skill levels of riders are accounted for, and at least one tour barbie is in each group. No one will be left behind.

Little-Ditty's picture

I am hoping the deluge of rain in the last few days is only going to make the trail even more tacky. Here's hoping! Smiling

Rob's picture

As this is looking like a huge group a split is on the cards. Anyone with a GPS who's coming? You can put the MB of our WWS lap in your device if you like so there's hopefully at least a couple of people who know where they are going:

Figure a lap of this for a start, then rinse and repeat or look at any interesting junctions we pass.

Oh, and someone posted about trying to keep the local residents on-side there. Please can we all be on our best behaviour (drive in and park carefully, no loud music, leave no rubbish, etc) to promote MTB riders in good light.

Thanks Smiling

lorrie's picture

From Lane Cove anybody need a lift? - but I won't hang round for long - probably leave at 11 or so.


starship303's picture

Weather is looking decidedly iffy today. If it rains a bit tonight do you think the Appin track/s will be adversly effected??
Its a nice, drying, warm wind blowing at the moment (at least on the lower nth of Sydney) so fingers crossed that continues for a while and we don't get a storm tonight.
my Intense 5.5 ~ my NS Suburban

Buck's picture

This possibly beats my doubts about weather a few hours before a ride Christine.

Be prepared to be called big girls Sticking out tongue

donal's picture commitments intervene..was looking forward to this after great feedback on the trail from Chris at CBD

Little-Ditty's picture

Don't know much about the trail, as I have never been there. But seeing it is in a similar location to Menai and Kentlyn all those trails are great when they have been rained on. Very grippy.

BTW, the weather forecast is good, so there should be no chance of binning this ride because of the weather. Unless you don't like the cold (Caro!!) Sticking out tongue I would still be going even if there was small sprinkles of rain around.

SEE YOU ALL TOMORROW! Laughing out loud

Caro's picture

I (almost) don't mind the cold OUTSIDE the house BUT I don't like it INSIDE the house!! Shocked
Only one more month and winter will be over!!! Laughing out loud (I hope)

davis_jnr's picture

I am coming from Hornsby any one keen for a car pool...? Unsure of departure time just yet. PM me if your interested in coming.

davis_jnr's picture

Car pool organised thanks people

davis_jnr's picture
Buck's picture

Thanks for organising Liam. That has to be the best track I have ridden. So so fun. Laughing out loud

Definitely will head back there now and then.

PS: Can't wait for Rob's photos of my fantastic OTB skills

Rob's picture

Think a root got you:

Buck Roll

Buck Ooops

Little-Ditty's picture

Excellent work out there everyone!! I enjoyed that ride, and can mark it off as another new trail on my list of "places to ride". That list is still very long.

Next time I go to Appin, I think I will be bringing a larger bike. Caro had the great idea of just riding some of the fire roads only, as these tend to be quite eroded and bumpy. Excellent places to launch some jumps and drops, quite similar to places like 4wd Follies and the Drop Zone. The shoulders of the fire roads also have heaps of drops to launch off. You XC boys may not have noticed. Sticking out tongue

Would anyone be interested in that kind of ride out there?

delicious's picture

My hand is firmly held in an upright position. Please pick me.

Caro's picture

for the great day guys!
Loved the track! Great weather, fun group!
Next time (in summer) we could have a little BBQ in between laps! (Just for the unfit people -me- to have a good excuse for a break Smiling )
Cheers too for the nice relaxed last lap Marc and finding the way back, hehe Eye-wink

camster's picture

Nice to ride along with you all on Saturday.
Sorry if anyone felt pushed, I'm used to "training pace" and lots of kms.

I'm riding upwards of 400km per week for a solo entry into the 24hr, so training pace is second nature. Eye-wink

If anyone is interested I'm hitting Appin again on Wednesday night from 5pm till 9pm. Expect training pace though.

lozza6's picture


What a ride!

Best trail I've ever ridden!

I still new so haven't done many but still... grinning ear to ear!

We must head this way more often! Smiling


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