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For Sale: Santa Cruz Bullit

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By COLD - Posted on 15 November 2015


My Bullit,
It's with such regret that I put this fine lady up for adoption. She may not be the hotest latest hitech beast for downhill. But she is an iconic girl that rides like the sweetest thing! Turns heads at any MTB meet such is the way of Santa Cruz custom gear.

Awsome geometry and a super good floating rear sus, this bike does it well. All the good boxer forks and Shimarno gears this lady behaves well going down! (hill)

Possibly the best thing to say about this girl is "she is a head turner for people in the know" and when you take it to a bike shop for repairs the tech's all want to keep her for at least a week if not two, such is the attraction to ride her.

Located in Manly NSW and comes with some extra rims, fork oil and any other stuff I can jam in your boot on your way out.
For quick contact email

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to discuss a ladies size but, tell 'em the size son, tell 'em the size.

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Age and size are always taboo!
but this girl is an accommodating 26 and she ain't a teenager either!

Just a note from looking back at the pics. The red tape on the cable is idiot tape to remind me which is the front brake. A tumble at 40 bags made me do it. No problem ever since with remembering the which brake lever jump on.

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.... is it a S, an M, a L or an XL. Fairly important info for the potential buyer....

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someone has been left out in the cold too long and frozen two to many cells. Eye-wink

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