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Beast of Seaforth

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By Medigger - Posted on 13 December 2015

A friend of mine claims he saw a large black cat (definitely not kitty) last Wednesday morning.

It ran across the fire trail on the Manly dam loop after the Manly Vale school.

I've read some Manly daily articles about similar sightings in Frenchs Forest.

Has anyone else spotted the beast?

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Saw a large cat at Red Hill a few years ago.

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I saw a mountain bike shoe and severed leg just off the trail the other day - Thought nothing of it at the time. Put it down to a Cannondale that might have spontaneously exploded....but could be the big cat.
I know i should have stopped to render assistance but was banging out a Strava segment

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I hear a loud purring noise when riding out there sometimes, but when stopped the noise disappears…

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I was at the dam the other day, with a mate who exclaimed "ooh?...look at that cat!"

Then quickly followed up with, "nah... wallaby."

I, of course, don't live in Narnia, so saw nothing. Nuh Thing.

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