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By tom_marsh - Posted on 07 January 2016


I'm about to move over to Manly and am wondering what the best maps people are using for Garmin Edge units. I am able to get hold of the Garmin Topo maps for cost but have heard not so great reports on them. (maybe why I can get them cheap)


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Mine came bundled with the unit when I bought from

Used once in Rotorua last year I think for street navigation.

Despite this, worth having for emergency use.

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... as I rarely use the Edge map for navigating. When I have used it, it's been to follow a gps trace of the ride I want to do, and you don't really need a map to do that (though it does help a bit). Just follow the blue line. I should also add that I need to stop and put my reading glasses on to see a map properly, so it's a pita mostly.

OSM data base is getting much more detailed and is now pretty good for Sydney. Shows some stuff that isn't on topos, but still doesn't have all the geographic features of topos.

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I am coming over from the UK and just getting into mountain biking but have a group here to go out with and also know where I am in case I get lost.

I use the Garmin primarily on my road bike which works great for setting out routes to ride with the navigation, hoping that I can use it similarly to not get too lost when I first come over.

I wear contacts so I can see it whilst riding though!

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See this excellent article on DC Rainmaker:

What I will say is that the tiles have waaaaay more detail than is needed for cycling. I wish there was a way to remove unwanted OSM layers (like buildings, for example).

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... the Australia map without needing the SD card. Seems to show the current version of OSM on the Garmin 800, although as noted below, I haven't used the maps much and can't see it well when I'm riding anyway...

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If you just need basic correction for age related visual problems, I have found Dual Eyewear bifocals great for reading both a Garmin 810, and MTB Orienteering maps. They have cycling specific models, a range of optical strengths, and come as interchangeable sunnies or clear lenses. I am using OzTopo maps at present for the basic contour detail when mapping or in marathon XC races when I don't know the tracks (not during orienteering events of course). I will try to load Open MTB maps and give that a go.

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