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Flying with a bike

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By bikemad - Posted on 20 January 2016

Im flying to Cyprus for 3 weeks in may,and am planning on taking my bike as there are meant to be loads of good trails there.Anyone flown with bike with either Qatar or Etihad airlines.Anyone had any experience(good or bad)with either of these in regards to bike handling,arriving in one piece etc..Cheers

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I flew my road bike with Etihad back to Dublin last year and no dramas at all. Packed all my clothing and everything in it too so it was pretty heavy and all was well arriving and departing at both ends

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I flew to NZ with Etihad a few months back using an EVOC bag. No problems at all and they had a higher weight limit than other airlines.

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for the replies guys.Packing a bunch of clothes around the bike is a good one,its gonna be pretty warm there so i wont need much!

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but with singapore airlines and a crap bike bag. Only damage I've had is a bent rotor and brake lever, a wrench and some force sorted that out.

I've built a little frame of wood I sit the bike on with the skewers. That takes any pressure applied to the fork. Excess force on an unsupported fork can most probably cause real damage.

So, cheapest unpadded bike bag and the bike supported on this frame have endured a few trips to Europe now. The bike bag is now full of holes which indicates there is not much love from the bike handlers so pack things carefully and you'll have it in working order at your destination.

I take off handle bars, pedals, rear derailleur and hang it inside the rear frame with cable ties for protection. Same with handle bars. clamp it to eh form with cable ties making sure the brake and shifter levers cannot be bent or broken,

good luck

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i appreciate the detail,hopefully my bike will arrive in Cyprus without damage-now to decide if i take the enduro or the Fat!?

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