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Andersons + oaks ride this weekend

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By commandokamikaze - Posted on 04 February 2016

Hey people has anyone ridden the Andersons trail in the Blue mountains recently and is able to comment on the state of the two river crossings at the bottom of the valley? Looking for places to ride this weekend that are bomb proof with all the lousy weather we've had and I know that the river crossings at Andersons can get pretty deep with decent rainfall I basically just want to know if it's passable or not.. I did the Oaks out and back on Sunday and the Glenbrook causeway was under .8 worth of water with a solid current to it which made passing through it a bit of a mission. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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I'm planning the same ride this Saturday. I think it will be fine. I did it a few weeks ago (17 Jan) which was 2 days after quite heavy rainfall (about the same or even a bit more than today) and it was all good.

I have been watching the radar and it stopped raining up there this morning.

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I was going to post up exactly the same question. I know Oaks generally drains pretty well so the only question is the Causeway, which'll hopefully be okay. Are you planning to do the train shuttle out and back or OIAO up and back loop?

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Not sure if that question was for me - I'm doing the full monty loop OIAO.

I can post an update on Saturday evening. We'll be starting about 7am and pace will be fairly cruisey but not too much stopping. Maybe 6:30hrs for the loop?

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Rode Tuesday evening and got the shoes a little wet but should be pretty good for weekend. Cannot speak for bedford creek etc tho further up.

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.. and the footbridge had a little bit of water over it just at one end. Then it rained again last night, but it looks like only a few mm's in the catchment area. Worth ringing the NPWS office at Glenbrook on Friday for an update.

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Cool, thanks for the response gentleman sounds like she's a goer for Saturday, No sorry not doing O-A-O I have a hard enough time convincing my soft mates who hate firetrail rides just to do the Andersons + oaks ride but as I use these types of rides to build conditioning for the Convict race I'd certainly be interested in doing the big one in the future.
Riding up the other side of the Andersons would be a arduous climb too I am thinking... ouch!

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Wondering how this ride works

Is the O to I via Woodford (i.e can Ingar be accessed direct from Woodford) or by taking the right turn up the big hill just after the creek crossing (rather than the left turn which crosses the creek again)

Is I to A via Kings Tableland?

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TO head up Ingar, take a right just after the river crossing.. you know, that big f*** off hill! It'll take you up to tablelands road.. then take a left down the bitumen to Andersons

Great ride if you have the time for it!

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Here's a Strava view of the ride

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Got it - I actually went up that huge hill to Ingar the first time I did Andersons + Oaks one way - realised I'd gone the wrong way and came back down. Looks like an interesting but long ride

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The upper part of Ingar is pretty plain to be honest.. quite a smooth dirt road for large parts, but some nice views towards the end

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