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No Singletrack Mind Series this year :-(

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By Pyrate - Posted on 23 April 2016

As per link below, no Chocolate Foot Singletrack Mind this year...

Bit disappointed as I had already started planning accommodation etc..

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I am yet to attend one of their events, but had heard they were very good.

Hopefully we'll see a return kn the near future.

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That was my plan this year having done every RT 4hr solo event for the last two years it was time to try something new. Need to figure out a plan B now.

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It was never going to last as a part-time gig. If you want your own stand alone series, then you need to run a number of races in the series and commit to it in a full on way (Rocky Trail GP for example). I predicted the demise of the Chocolate Foot series almost 2 years ago when they started reducing the number of races and numbers started to decline. I feel for them as the events were great and the effort to get them to run so well would have been huge.

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