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What do you do for a job

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By Supagav - Posted on 19 June 2008

This comes from a discussion that we had at Terrey Hills Tavern over a beer last night.
My Job is to preserve animals(previously i worked on human bodies) by removing the fat and water from the specimen and replacing it with silicone rubber. You end up with a firm dry specimen that can be handled. it looks and feels a lot like a plastic object but it is the real thing. Examples see here:

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...but access denied...

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Yes, we need to wait for the moderator to approve Smiling

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Oops... just visit the source site as now linked. Smiling

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Supagav - Cool I understand why you have such a nice, balanced personality...

BTW...what do you think of Gunther von Hagens shows on SBS?

Also - do you like bacon?

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Yeah well von Hagens is a bit odd so ive heard. I actually get to meet him in about 6 weeks time when i go to Germany for the Plastination conference.
Im not so keen on the detail he is giving to the general public, it is a bit over the top and he is doing for money as well. Not completely ethical in my eyes.

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That beats my job hands down, mind you I did spend nearly 18months renovating the Noel MArtin Building at Sydney Uni. Full access throught the building and the things I saw there were absolutely amazing. One of the most interesting museums I have been into and the size of those buckets in the morgue!

I can only imagine how incredible it must be to work on live, ah sorry, real specimens.

Oh yeah, for my job have a look at my site avitar, pic courtesy of Mr Pike

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is surely an xray of Christine. But who's the mystery skeletal spooner?

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