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Hassans Walls Plan of Management. Discussion paper now out

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By Flynny - Posted on 26 September 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

The Hassans Walls Plan of Management, discussion paper has been released and can be read on councils website

Over all it is a positive document however there are a few points of concern and I urge all users of the reserve to read through it and have their say using the online feed back form

A few issues I picked up on a quick skim through

Page 42
The suggestion of making the road one way, entering from sheedys gully side and exiting via brown gap. This would severely impact our ability to offer shuttles with reasonable turn around times at DH events (and social riding). This was one of the major factors considered when choosing the site for a new DH trail.

A far better option would be properly signposted speed limits and reminding walkers its a public road (When living at the bottom of hill I'd walk my dogs up there several times a week. you hear cars coming from several corners away, how hard is it to move to the side of the road? We certainly neve4 had an issue)

The section on recreational trails starts on page 43. Please read it carefully and respond with your support or concerns. Especially issued raise with share use, preferred or exclusive use trails.
This is not a bad way to go so long as it is fair and even and policed evenly. Currently Pony Express is exclusive to MTB, as we all know it is commonly used by walkers and runner even though we have provided the separate spectator trail.

Again I ask all riders to read through the document and respond with your thought and desires

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