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Half Kowalski with a bit of mud and wind

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By bmar560 - Posted on 17 October 2016

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Kowalski Classic 2016
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Veteran (30-39)
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I'm kinda glad the race got postponed as I couldn't imagine riding the trails last month after that amount of rain they've had in Canberra. Overall the trails were in really great condition, some entry points were a mudfest with really soft energy sapping mudfest.

My time is about the same (1 minute slower) as the time I did my last half Kowalski in 2014, but my overall position improved from 133rd to 83rd and my category position improved slightly from 26th to 23rd. Next year I will aim to be in the top 20 for my category.

The trails were great with a good mix of ups and downs, as usual the downhill is where people overtake me. I had a new nutrition strategy with beetroot juice mixed with Endura for my hydration which worked well. I stopped for a minute at the 35k mark to catch my breath and to down an energy gel with my juice.

I started to a have slight cramping at the 40k mark, but it didn't get any worse and I managed to press on without stopping. I did lose traction on my front wheel at some stage but managed to keep my balance but went off course for a bit Smiling
Towards the end the trail went up and up that never seems to end and the headwind in some parts of the trail didn't help.

Thank you Self Propelled Enterprises for organizing a great event once again.

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Well done, I've been trying to imagine what beetroot juice and Endura tastes like!

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