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Manly dam- condition

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By Rusco - Posted on 07 November 2016

So went otb at a reasonable pace on the Allambie downhill as came through a couple of the water bar jumps and then landed in a big hole. Annoying thing is that I'm acutely aware of the line there having watched it get worse but just got it wrong this time (and going a little faster than normal). Anyone else think the trail is need of some specific remediation and know how that might get done. I'd volunteer to help maintain it. thanks.

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YOu weren't the only one who went OTB on the weekend. A good mate did similar near the entrance to the 19th Hole trail and broke a bone in his hand.

The issue is known to Council courtesy of the IMBA trail audit a few years back and I believe there is a plan to remediate.

The question is whether we will see it on our lifetime.

Unfortunately NoBMoB no longer has the reach it once had thanks in part to the failure to continue to develop the site, and fragmentation of the audience via Facebook, so Council doesn't seem to fear our displeasure over things like this as much as they used to.

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Trailcare have been working with council on two fronts since the beginning of this year (and beyond!)
First objective is to re-instate the monthly volunteer maintenance days and although this is agreed in principle things like the council amalgamations have had a significant delaying effect on this. the program will be similar to OMV with the aim being to have a professional trail building company oversee work done by the vollies!
Second objective is to get some focus on the badly eroded and dangerous sections of the trail, the Allambie downhill has the highest priority, there's been quite a number of nasty offs there in recent months there.
So if you're interested in helping out let me know and I'll add you name to the list and let you know when we're ready to go.

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Yep add me to the list. Ta

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A little cross-training is a good thing Eye-wink

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I am happy to help out too

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Also in to help out.

Rode there on the weekend and that allambie downhill really has eroded badly even noticeably more in the last couple of months.

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Happy to chip in as well

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Had a big off coming into the start of the 19th hole single track. One of these too fast but not fast enough stacks that end up in an epic super man over the bars.

Personally I prefer rough, natural trails although for Manly Dam it probably does need some work to make it a bit more flowy and suitable for an intermediate audience.

@hawkeye... interesting comments regarding the influence of NobMob. I certainly feel that the use and relevance of the site is less. I'd suggest Strava has more to do with it than FaceBook. What's interesting is there seems to be more people out on the trails so there certainly could be an effort to bring the Northern Beaches riders back together. I don't know the answer but it would be great to get the local MTB community working together for the benefit of our sport.

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I''ll help as well. Trail is rough in parts, but it's fun.Probably being a slower rider has helped me from going OTB as much , but I've probably come off at most spots there over the years. Trail too wet today?

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Is this not part of the deal doing MTB? Reading the terrain, picking the lines etc. I do agree MD is a bit rough in places but that's what the first lap is for, check out what's changed since last time and then pick the right lines in the subsequent laps.

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I find that the faster i go, the smoother it tends to get as I end up skipping over the top of the rough stuff, rather than being bogged down, trying to pick smooth lines.

However, that's fine for an experienced rider, but i agree that for novice it's pretty hazardous at the moment in some sections.

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