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Welcome from your local member

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By Rob - Posted on 23 June 2008

This is partly off topic, but I recently became a citizen and today received an introductory letter from the local state member.

Of course this is just spam that they send out to everyone, but I took it as an opportunity.

I replied in thanks for the welcome. Then pointed out a few things that were on my mind. Supporting a renewable and sustainable lifestyle for all is required. Less dependence on the car, better public transport, more and proper cycle lanes, more access to public lands for recreation, etc, etc.

Just something small, but a quick letter like this once in a while can't hurt. We all forget sometimes that the politicians are there to serve us, their electorate, not themselves.

And what has this to do with MTB? Well, stay tuned. Today I spoke with a few people about some letter writing that will be happening shortly. Stuff we'll need help with no doubt. And if you feel like getting more general stuff off your chest in practice, go for it! Eye-wink

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I mountain bike and I vote! Eye-wink

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Bloody boat people taking over our country. Fairdink if you don't like the way we do things go back to your own country!!!

Um, or to put it another way... Good on you Rob.

I've a mate who came out from pomgolia with his family when he was 10, AFAIK he still hasn't taken out Aussie citizenship. Something about tax breaks

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"Bloody boat people taking over our country. Fairdink if you don't like the way we do things go back to your own country!!!"

"Um, or to put it another way... Good on you Rob"

Flynny, grow up! (i can not see nothing funny about the above statements).


PS: Rob, you know what happens when you post spams, you get these shitty childish replies.

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Get a sense of Humour mate.

Rob, and anyone else that knows me, knows it was all tongue in check

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Tien, he is just a cheeky bugger - look at the grief he has been giving me lately - he is worse than the 'usual suspects' of late!
and I only rode with him once!!!

MEEE Smiling

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I reckon we should encourage immigration in particular women from such countries as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Germany and Switzerland just to mention a few.

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Just to show that germans are able to make fun of themselves...

the best female german mountain biker...


Happiness is a warm shock.

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Tien, relax. I appreciate this might be a hot-button for you, but jibing boat people is the last thing he meant. It's called "irony" - saying one thing and meaning the exact opposite. It's used extensively in Australian humour. For example, if anyone calls you "Flash" behind your back, then it's time to be worried.

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It's all good

I apologised to Tien through PM.

No offense meant

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Tien, it's called "taking the piss" and it is a trait of the Australian sense of humor.

It goes like this:

I say to Rob, "oh you winging pom, i read your website. If you don't like it here we can send you back to that cold damp place!" (it's just a joke). Rob can then reply "Hey Noel, the union jack is on the Aussie flag, the queen owns you arse, you bloody convict!". (hahaha more joke) To this I have hardly any reply even though I didn't spawn from convicts so "rob you win"! (damn i hate that!)... and I go back to the drawing board to think of something better to try and take the piss from Rob with next time, probably poke fun at lefties or something easy like that, or some kind of joke about where the English hide their money!

Anyways, Flynny has possibly never seen a real immigrant as they don't tend to leave the Metro area much unless they have a camera hanging around their necks, or are Sudanese working in Tamworth. I bet he has seen a few 'brothers' though.

Q: How do you tell an Australian is balanced?
A: He has a chip on each shoulder

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