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Glasses found at Mt Narra

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By Sabs - Posted on 24 December 2016

Found a pair of glasses at Mt Narra today (24.12.16). If yours send a message with description and I'll handover to Santa or we can make alternate arrangements to return.

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Hey Steve
I believe they're my glasses. I sent you a message but if you don't receive it can you contact me on
0459058178 so I can describe to you.
Cheers Sam

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Sam. I sent you a SMS yesterday.

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If anyone finds my cojones could you send me a pm. I can never seem to find them when I'm there. I have them in the carpark before, but when faced with an a-line I always seem to have misplaced them.

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Hi Steve
Could you please re SMS me. I had issues with my phone and lost your number
Cheers Sam

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