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FOUND: Cycling GPS in the Watagans.

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By chrischris - Posted on 15 February 2017


Cycling GPS. Found in the Watagans. Let me know the brand/model/colour + the approx location of where you think you lost it, and I'll return it. Smiling

Contact me via Rotorburn if possible, I don't check NobMob very often. The same post is listed there.


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If it still has previous ride files on it. Upload an earlier one to strava and you might just fluke that they use strava and have it loaded and it will say you rode with them Smiling

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Or did it find you?

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Genius! I'll try it as soon as i can.

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Also, for your own GPS. If it's a Garmin there is a .txt start up file in the Garmin Folder that you can type in a message that displays when you turn it on. I have "If Found Call Brian 0419xxx etc. In that same file it has a setting for how long its displayed.

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That's what I've done on my Edge 810. DC Rainmaker has instructions on his blog.

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