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Hornsby Park Survey - done in 93 seconds!

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By hawkeye - Posted on 21 February 2017

Hey, the kids have gone to bed (and if you don't have kids needing to do homework then just consider yourself lucky) - now sit back, relax with a green tea, pint of ale, biltong or my fav - a big bag of dog snacks. Put your feet up and start dreaming about descending trails, sweet jumps, painful climbs, nude cyclists (single speeders), grown men who think they are dogs, freakish talking dolls........ or whatever else floats your boat. Then pull this survey up and let Council know what you would like to see in the new parkland.

But seriously, DON'T RELY ON OTHERS DOING THIS! It's simple - the more submissions, then the chances of retaining the existing trails like Lava Flow (earmarked for removal and to be replaced with an oval) will be increased.

Simply follow this link to start the survey.

When you've done it, then get your mates to complete it.

Hornsby Park SNORC submission
By the end of March SNORC need to make a submission to Council. If you are keen to have input then email us your ideas. We will be compiling them to ensure we represent the cycling the community the best we can.

We will not be restricting our feedback to cycling. Most mountain bike riders like doing other things (hard to believe I know). So let us know what else could be included in the park to provide you and your family /friends with an excellent experience.

Please email your ideas to;

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and done

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If I had more time I would have written a shorter submission.

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Done - would like to see existing trail network extended to join local bushland in neighbouring suburbs.

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.. I suggested the same thing.

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First and foremost, I would like to welcome the opening of such a facility, helping Hornsby live up to its name as being the “Bushland Shire,” recognizing how good it is having what was formerly an old wasteland become something that both locals and visitors can appreciate and enjoy.

Although there are plenty of ways that such an area can be utilized, I would like to submit that this should become a facility for mountain bike tracks above other things, and would like to register my approval for the present work that has been completed on the tracks, and what is already being built. For the following reasons I support the ongoing construction of tracks:

1) Expectation from former users.
As I’m sure the reader would already know, a short network of official trails opened in 2013 after years of negotiation between the council, mountain biking community and other stakeholders despite strong opposition to the cause from the latter part. Considering how much emphasis went into ensuring that the tracks were built in a sustainable means so they would be a long-term facility, it seems rather ironic that the tracks were closed (some of which permanently) for the North Connex project within 3.5 years. However the brief period that these were open was ample time to prove two things:
• Huge numbers of people have used the tracks, turning the track into the most popular official MTB track in Sydney. This should prove the need for a long-term mountain bike facility in the area, as it clearly is used by more than a niche market and provides a great reason for tourists to visit the vicinity.
• Much of the opposition to the trails being built in the first place was by locals who were afraid of the noise made by users who could make commotion late at night under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Despite the huge usage of the tracks, this has proven to be a non-issue.

2) MTB trails are not exclusive facilities in a park
Unlike facilities such as large sporting ovals, the existence of MTB trails in a reserve does not prevent other facilities, such as walking tracks, from coexisting. Because MTB tracks can be routed to around other things, the construction of them allows the park open to other uses. This includes viewing platforms, walking tracks, adventure equipment such as ziplines, and play equipment, among other things. Simple track modifications can facilitate these if they are made after the MTB tracks have opened.

3) MTB tracks address a serious problem of inactivity in the community
Australia (among other countries) is in a health crisis with the ABS recently polling 63% of the population as being overweight. Cycling (after swimming) is rated as being the 2nd best activity for fitness, and the existence of a substantial network of mountain bike trails would give a great platform for this to occur. The better the track is made, and the better it is advertised, the more people that are going to want to utilize it.

The main open land could potentially be some form of playing field though I do not think this should go ahead unless it does not hinder the length of the MTB track, not because I do not believe it is important, but because there are plenty of other fields. Likewise on walking tracks, though depending on what the end result of the filled quarry is it may make an interesting viewing platform to see the change that has occurred. A form of children’s playground would be welcome, particularly if it had more extreme equipment.

An adventure facility (see the new park at Cumberland State Forest) with high ropes or ziplines would have the potential to be an attractive feature to the park, as these could be constructed above a network of tracks, should other respondents suggest this as a desirable addition.

May I make a note about the Westleigh water board land whilst I’m here – I likewise welcome this land also turning into a public facility, particularly with an official track there as well.

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