Oaks dingo?

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By Al - Posted on 22 February 2017

Rode the Oaks about 7 this morning
Saw what looked like a dingo at the gate
Anyone seen same at BMNP?

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No I haven't, just the Roos.

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A mate got some good video of what appeared to be a dingo at Euroka today.

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There were issues with Dingoes in residential backyards around Glenbrook two or three years back. Plus I was told by a couple of walkers they had seen a Dingo near the park entry gate.

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Seen dingo on Faulco Pt FT a few years back and this past spring in our own backyard (direct bush access to SW creek and Grose river).
The in-laws had issues with packs of wild dogs on the southern side of the highway (backing sassafras), but those were more a pack of feral dogs than dingos. All in all, could be I guess. IMHO it's good to have them around, better than ferals.

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