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Canberra Centenary Trail

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By DudeistPriest - Posted on 27 February 2017

I'm going to be riding the Canberra Centenary Trail mid next month, exact date TBA. If anyone is interested in joining me please let me know and what dates suit.

Here's a link to trail info:

I'll be departing from the Tuggeranong end of the trail.


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Were you thinking weekend or midweek? Could do mid week but would need to arrange time off from work...

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Or doing it over 2 or 3? 145km is a loooong day, but I suppose it removes any logistics issues? I could be interested, but I'm probably not up for 145 km in a day.

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Days/dates flexible, mid week/weekend doesn't matter to me. For planning purposes lets say sometime between 9 - 14 Mar, Mon 13 Mar is a public holiday down here.

I'd like to do it in one day, it's quite doable especially this time of year while there's still plenty of daylight about, however, that said, I'm happy to do it over 2 days if you commit to a date/s.

Logistics is no worries, if it's just the two of you can both stay at my place and my wife will run cover for us in the event one/all of us has to pull out, we need repairs etc.

Let me know what you'd like to do.


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I'm super jealous - its a great loop and a lovely ride.

Here is the Strava file from when I last did it - if you want the GPX file for it, let me know - there are a few bits that were not 100% obvious, but mostly all good.

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Thanks Ants

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Dude FYI

additionally...the latest word from the locals is there are 2 original route sections that are severly overgrown / difficult to navigate / closed, so the following GPX file bypass's both of these sections....this was ridden by a friend who is a Canberra local approx 2 weeks ago

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Thanks mate

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Dude...just realised you mightnt be able to view that RWGPS map of CCT I posted as I think I have it as private so if you cant & want the updated GPX file for CCT...send me your email address and

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