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Bright - Loop 8 Hero

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By DudeistPriest - Posted on 05 April 2017

Just rode the Hero downhill track at Mystic Mountain Bright, awesome, best downhill run I've ridden in ages:)

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I hired a specialized camber there a few weeks back so just rode the lower half, but it was insanely fun. Reminded me a *lot* about whistler

Such a phenomenal location for mountain biking

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If so, it worked. Sticking out tongue

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Not me but I am off to ride Falls Creek tomorrow

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Now I don't feel guilty that I cc'd you in on the post Mont (that you missed) wrap up team email.

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Well to add to your pain, I rode out to Wallace's Hut today, not the most epic single track adventure you can have, but it's a beautiful spot. Hit the Mount Beauty MTB Park up on the way back to Bright, it's very raw to say the least but a great fun place to ride.

Off to Yacandandah tomorrow:)

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You paint a good picture of life after work. Now I just need to work out how to retire early and still have enough money for bike/beer/food

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So how do you get up to the top if the shuttle bus isn't running?

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You ride up, follow the tracks marked Loop 8 from the trail head notice board.

There is dedicated uphill route, so no need to worry about oncoming traffic, took me about 30mins I think, that said I'd already done about 15km of riding before I decided to head on up, so I imagine it wouldn't take so long on fresh legs.

Maps are available from local bike shops, will cost you a gold coin.

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And the upward trail on loop 8 is seriously good fun - a number of fun uphill switch backs! I even saw a lyrebird stalking around along with a few wallabies, so keep an eye out for wildlife!

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