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How to get from the Lennox Bridge to the quarry lookout

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By madhusven1728 - Posted on 13 April 2017

I wondered if the editors of this website could add ride from Lennox Bridge to the Quarry Lookout its only a 15 minute ride from the bridge and the lookout is scenic.I tried this short extract that might need working on.

Turn left at the GWH then once you see Mitchell Pass follow the foot path to Lennex bridge pass the steps and at the end the pathway slopes downwards. The highway is now visible follow this you’ll see pillon sticking out of the cement wall. Eventually you will a flight of step go up them turn a sharp right then go through sharp rock path til you see the quarry do a 180 degree turn and follow til you come to an intersection for the quarry lookout.

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... anyone can do it... Smiling

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..... at the foot of Knapsack Reserve and the zig zag?

Lennox Bridge is in Glenbrook, up Mitchells Pass Rd from the car park on the old highway at Emu Plains.

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