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Convict 2017

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By Lach - Posted on 06 May 2017

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Convict 100 2017
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Preparation was a bit disrupted by a 3-week trip to the US for my son’s wedding during April. Only one flat ride early in that trip meant there was a bit of catching up to do once back in Oz the week before the race. After a few rides that week, I felt pretty good on the lead in and was hoping for a better result than last year’s 6th in the really old blokes’ category.

Not a big fan of the earlier start for the 68 as it meant a 4.00am wake up and I’m more used to riding at the crack of noon these days. The drive up was smooth, last spot on the ferry meaning we were well ahead of schedule on arrival and could take things easy. Temp was a cool 8C, but with 24C forecast I decided to not rug up and just went with a jersey and sleeveless undershirt, which worked out fine after a few cold minutes. A quick warm up and I was into the start chute for a spot in the second wave.

Settled in behind the leading pack, then into the sandy water crossing for some wet and sandy shoes for the rest of the trip. (Just a thought, but they could make the “half” version a bit closer to 50km by just going over the bridge from town and along to Jack’s Track, without the river crossing and doubling back down the west side of the river).

Jack’s Track does not get any easier with age and a few walkies were required to get to the flatter sections in the top half. Barrelled along the Woomerah Range, picking up a few places and then dropped onto the tar back to the canoe bridge. Worked well with one guy for most of this section and picked off a few more, but couldn’t hold his wheel towards the end. Skipped the feed station and cleaned the now-nicely-wide canoe bridge and headed off towards Shepherd’s Gully. Got passed by a few on the way up, but that’s hills and me.

Enjoyed the OGNR section again, although they could do with getting a few convicts back to tidy up the line in a few places. It’s gradually getting more eroded, more overgrown in places and sandier at the bottom of each incline. Really struggled with the 8 Mile Track and it’s numerous little rough pinch climbs, before bombing down into Wrights Creek. On the descent there was a massive gully in the middle of the track at one point, which looked ride-able, but there were so many guys standing around looking at it, there was no way through without dismounting. Hit the flats, had a final gel and settled into TT mode for the run home. Don’t know whether it was fatigue or a genuine head wind, but the last section seemed really tough.

Finished 3 minutes slower than last year, but two places better in category and six places better in the overall. I reckon the course was a smidge harder with all the sand. The really old blokes' category winner (and ex Olympics legend) was a couple of minutes slower than last year as well, though well ahead of me.

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Well done Lach. Great time, especially with a 3 week tapering period before it!

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Maybe the long taper helped? Smiling

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Strong result Lach, top 1/3 of the field with a long taper!

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Well done Lach

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