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Port to Port Stage 4

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By uppo75 - Posted on 12 May 2017

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I jut rode the new single track that is in stage four of Port to Port.
It was easy enough to follow from the Greyhound training area, but didn't see where it went once I got to oakdale rd.
I went straight ahead and rode through some existing single track that was used in the 2015 event.
I then found it again on the west side of the fernleigh track... until I lost it again at an unmarked t intersection.

Has anyone ridden the full track and want to provide a Garmin track/gps track, please.
The track they provide on their website isn't exactly a quality image



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But what are the trails like at the moment?

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When you get to Oakdale rd go straight across the road then turn left, go across the bridge over FLT then turn right. There is an arrow there at that point on Oakdale rd, it's wedged into the guardrail. It would've been there Friday when you went but the rest of the singletrack on the western side of FLT was marked sat morning. You should find your way pretty easily now. Trails are in great shape, hopefully not too much rain this weekend

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It's become really confusing in there in the last couple of weeks, it was great fun but it looks like a mess now. I was riding with arrows one minute then in the opposite direction the next, I just try and link it all together so it's enjoyable, I'm not a racer.

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However the new red arrows are for the P2P course. As it needs to head in a northerly direction without crossing over itself some of the existing trails will be ridden in opposite direction and there are new bits to link it all up. If you want to ride it start at the redhead crossing FLT, follow red arrows.

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So will the new bits be closed after the race? Does anyone know who owns the the land or if they even know the race even goes through there?

I thought AWABAKAL has ownership on the other side of Redhead road but have no idea on the West side.

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I to was interested in this too and so i did some digging from what i could find it appears to be crown land, in a council report it is identified as future development area and a current informal mountain bike area.
this is the link to the council report, haven't read the whole think but section 16 is where the info on mountain biking is.

they also reference a LMCC Cycling Strategy 2021 report but i haven't had a chance to find and read it yet.

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fairy 1, crown lands were consulted for P2P, some existing tracks stray onto private property but are not part of the course. All new bits open year round. Other side of Redhead Rd is a reserve & out of bounds.
will 94, great info in that link, may be useful in future

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Yeah cool, It is starting to look pretty ugly in there though, there's so many entry points off the fire road. Hopefully other people that use the area don't complain about the new work and get everyone locked out.

I loved the signs asking motos to stay off the singletrack, pretty funny considering some of the MTB trails are made using old moto trails.

I used to dig illegally elsewhere and we tried to keep everything as low key as possible, two entry points and trails are kept away from fire roads to keep other bush users happy. Seemed to work, almost never had any dramas with motos and people walking dogs would drop in for a chat and seemed to have no issue with us, council knew what was in there but were fine with it as long as it was kept tidy.

Seems a block of land on Bullsgarden Rd is up for sale, not sure how far back the block of land goes.

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