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W2G 2017

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By Lach - Posted on 26 June 2017

Beautiful day for this one. Interesting start in age group waves meant that for the first part at least, I had an idea where I was in my category. Position varied from 4th onto the dirt up to 2nd then drifting to fifth as the uphills slowed me down, then back up to 4th at the finish. Lost time when the front der wouldn't change down on BMX hill and with an ill-advised and unsuccessful overtaking manoeuvre in the run down from the helipad. Finished 81st out of 250 odd overall and 4th out of 20 in over 60's. Bettered my previous best time by a few minutes (down to 55:52), even though the finish at Euroka had a longer grass run (and uphill run to the line!) than previous. Rode back up to Woodford via the fire trail for a few extra kms.

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Well done Lach, some good competition in the over 60's this year with an Olympian and the Maddens.

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... Kevin disappeared off the front pretty early on his CX bike, but I'll swear Shane Madden and I swapped a few turns coming down Bennet's Ridge. He got away a bit towards the end, but I nearly caught him on the line. Yet his time was minutes ahead of mine. Can only assume he started late or stopped to render assistance and had a time adjustment. Either way, it's a fun race and the age group starts make category racing a lot more interesting than all starting in a big pack!! Something for XCM races to consider perhaps???

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Yes there is a considerable gap between you Bud then Shane in the results.

Check out Flyby on Strava, I'm following both Bud and Shane O so can see them and watch their race unfold. I can see that you rode with them but can't see you in the flyby, probably because you have your profile locked.

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Flyby confirms he started well after me. I could have eased off!!

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