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New MTB'er - Suggestions for good off road rides in the Hills District?

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By Hicko175 - Posted on 26 June 2017

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi - I'm recently back in to riding (used to go a lot in the UK in my 20s and just brought a MTB - but now in my 40s!)
Looking for some interesting rides around the Hills District... Seen some on the Hills Shire website, but nothing too exciting...
Does anyone have any suggestions for anything within a 15-20km radius of Castle Hill?

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Fred Caterson reserve - a bit of single track and a bit of a hill
Rouse hill behind the sewage/waterworks.
H20 at Westlegih
Firetrails surrounding Cherrybrook

drive out to Wiseman's ferry
drive out to Marramarra NP
drive out to Wylde

Before they closed Quarry rd at Dural you could go through there to the back of Hornsby/Galston.

I'm near Castle Hill and I'll occasionally spin via the Smalls creek bike path out to Rouse Hill, but generally you have to ride on road for a bit before you can get offroad.

Subject to kids weekend activities could show you some of the tracks? PM me if you're interested.

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thinking of moving to cherrybrook and did some strava stalking. This ride looks interesting

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Yes, there are a couple of firetrails that almost link together all around Cherrybrook and then continue to Westleigh. There are also some that are hikers only and so entail a lot of H.A.B.

Reasonably steep through the Berowra valley in parts so you get a good workout.

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If you don't mind me asking, what does H.A.B mean?

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Hike a Bike - ie you are carrying your bike. At times through some of the hiking trails you have stairs and other exotic 'features' which make lifting a ~13kg+ bike somewhat of a challenge.

You'd think you could push your bike, but you still end up carrying it a fair bit.

When I've had a spectacular route planning fail like this then I tend to run through the HAB sections, you have to be quite careful when you come across hikers who obviously won't be expecting someone to run around a corner carrying a bike and looking a bit deranged [or at least that's my perception when I come across them!]

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Thanks mate! That's the case with a trail I found a few days ago.. Not too fun.

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