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Bright 6 hour mountain bike race

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By Warthog - Posted on 06 July 2017

Not sure who has been up to Bright but this beautiful town probably has some of the best mountain and road biking in Australia. The Bright Brewery is sponsoring a charity event in September ( which will be hosted by the Alpine Cycling Club.

Given cost of events these days this one is cheap as chips with solo 6 hour entries going for $70 (early bird). The town caters for families and there is heaps to do for the kids and the better halves. If you want to do more riding (or more beer / wine tasting) there are numerous trails and venues in surrounding towns that are worth a visit.

Anyone interested in accommodation over the race weekend (or any other time for that matter) give me a shout.

Happy to show people some of the local trails. Read the forums / search the web, this place rocks.

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If it wasn't for the Back Yamma on the same weekend I'd certainly entertain going down.

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