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Manly Dam

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By BIGnige - Posted on 09 July 2017

Anybody figured out how to ride the newly fixed up bits of the Dam down the back of Allambie? Roll it or jump it.

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tried both, but the gaps are a bit awkward. Feels like they're not quite finished yet?

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of both, did a few laps today and there is one where there are three bumps quite tight together, those I rolled. With better skills maybe all can be cleared in one jump but not me.

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Lots faster through there now. And much safer and more predictable, there were some real wheel swallowing potholes before. Need to keep a eye out for trail runners.

I've kept my technique the same. Straight and fast and if I get airborne I get airborne.

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Yeah I was looking at those three thinking they could be done as one. Will give it a go and report back from A+E later.

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Is this bit of the track shared with pedestrians? I seem to be meeting a lot of pedestrians walking up the downhill track

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Big Nige - Let me know when you are going for it and I'll make sure I have my phone handy - one for the vid and the other for the emergency services.

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Why not send a thankyou note to Chris at NB Council to show we appreciate the work - you never know they might have the whole track done by 2025.

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....and hold on!

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... on the best way to get to an access point to The Dam Trail if coming from Dee Why on a bike?

Criteria - no stupid hills, no Pittwater Rd or crazy traffic streets???

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Hey - this is how I get to the dam from Dee Why.

Mt Narra is also an easy ride...

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... will give that a try. Have already found my way to Narrabeen Lake and Mt Narra, although I think I need something a little more XC oriented than Mt Narra.

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