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2009 Specialized Sneak peeek

Stuart M's picture

is reportedly in the mid 8kg range.

Not bad for 100mm duallie

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Sauser's race bike as opposed to stock standard factory edition?
Either way, they need to be 'Lorrie' tested before they are worthy... Eye-wink

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oh when will it end? for all of those who are wondering what the test is all about it happened many many years ago in a galaxy far far away when murphys law hot with a vengeance!

But yes if I have to test it will reluctantly do so. But a 9km dualie makes my next planned purchase seem old school.

Actually my bike has been doing rather well since then.


PS Crap!!! i just jinxed myself for my ride home

Stuart M's picture

it will never end, that's what mates are for. Eye-wink

As for your post, I've always found vengeance is always hot and any duallie with a wheel base of 9km will make even the 29ers look old school.

See, it just keeps rolling on.

Shaun, yeah that was his bike I read about but that means the average mug can go and buy one and the upgrade to a similar spec, assuming their pockets are deep enough.

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According to CN 9.65kg + pedals for the top end Epic

Sauser's bike has a few more trick pieces to get the weight down

Stuart M's picture

cost yet?

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Have you noticed that the new Specialized frame design philosophy copies the sweeping, rounded frame design that Norco introduced on most of it's 2007 and 2008 models? Flattery in the highest regard.

alchemist's picture

Probably a little more than last year.

More new Special stuff

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