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Jenny Rissveds ??

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By amarkie - Posted on 09 August 2017

There's been virtually no information on why Jenny Rissveds has been out for most of the season. What was the reason?

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A couple of close family members passed away just after she completed the Cape Epic this year.

"Jenny Rissveds of Sweden did not compete; she had announced earlier this week that she was withdrawing from the first two World Cup events this year, following the recent deaths of two members of her family."

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What administration would in their right mind would think they could sign a deal like that when they aren't even paying/supporting the athletes?

There are countless examples in Football, Olympics etc where these things have been dealt with .. however we're talking about athletes who are receiving large sums of money from their country's federation to appear in those tournaments as well as their personal sponsors.

I hope POC have a well worded contract that will rely on Swiss riders actually attending the events in order for the Swiss Federation to be paid. Muppets!

Thank god for Chris Ball

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They sign a deal with POC then try to force it on the national team that they're not paying, and it ends up with no Swedish representation at all.

That worked out well, didn't it? (facepalm)

Someone needs firing in the Swedish cycling federation. UCI too - riders need an actual union that represents them.

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