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Caution! Please be aware!

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By Black Flash - Posted on 17 October 2017

The northbound Forest way cycle path lane has been taken away for 500m on the highest speed part of the road. So expect to be pushed into the lane where cars are doing 80kph plus just after the Kameroi school. Seriously WTF

Unbelievably bad planning!!!

I hope we don't read about an incident in the next few days.

Please take care and plan your ride.

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Southbound as well.

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Ok, so what are chances drivers will obey the 1.5m distance rule? It is an 80 zone...

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Rode it last nite . It is so dangerous, looks like the bike lane is now on the right . I crossed over to the right for the climb , but that made it sketchy when going straight on Myora Rd . Yes WTF !

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Almost got got cleaned up there this morning. Neither me or the semi truck driver next to me released the bike lane now just disappears, until the last moment. I note that there is a new "Beware of bikes" sign but its after the roadworks when the bike lane starts again????? I can see there are new signs, which are still covered so assume (hope) there will be warning signs going up. Still have the heebie-jeebies shakes.

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The issue was cleared last night after multiple complaints.

Response from my contact at BNSW:

Hi Rob & John,

I received a call back from Michaele Robertson at DM Roads - who admitted a sub-contractor had "jumped the gun" with implementing shoulder closures without associated safety works. The closures were reversed last night. I think the combined responses from a number of riding areas caused this to occur.

I've suggested that somebody needs more than a slap on the wrists - [redacted].

Following this I have emailed the RMS (North Precinct) Network & Safety Manager - with CC to RMS Active Transport Manager, and TfNSW AT people. Due to the lapse in safety by DM Roads/RMS, I have now requested that a Road Safety Audit on the entire project be carried out BEFORE it proceeds.



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So hopefully they'll re paint the lines and return the road to how it was prior ASAP.
Thanks to everyone whom helped escalate this!
You know who you are.

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"requested that a Road Safety Audit on the entire project be carried out BEFORE it proceeds".

So do we know exactly what this project is that resulted in this lunacy? What are they planning to do down there?

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Yep, it's all back to normal now. Lines have been repainted. As you were.

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There's going to significant works to upgrade the intersection of Forest Way and Mona Vale Road, related I guess to the increase in regional traffic flows expected as a result of the new hospital.

Forest Rollers has made input into the consultation process, expressing concerns around road shoulder and bike lane continuity through the intersection. I made comment about the popularity of mountain bike trailheads near the intersection (Muppet Show etc - but without identifying specific trails) and the need to account for cyclist safety.

I haven't seen a final design yet.

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... based on the view from the turn lane into Garigal Rd while I waited for the lights (in the safety of a car!) is that they might be looking at widening to 3 lanes each way on Forest Way? They are doing clearing work on the median strip as well.

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the details are here

Looks like it is going to create more problems than it solves. All traffic turning west from Forest Way to Mona Vale Rd has to do so without the acceleration / slip lane, ie you are going to have to come to a complete stop and make sure you have space to pull out safely instead of adjusting speed to merge. It looks like bike lanes are improved in the final project, note the second island at the left hand turn when turning south from Mona Vale Rd to Forest Way, no need to worry about the driver looking over his right shoulder squashing you against the gutter any more.

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What looks worse is the apparent complete removal of the bike lane on the run-up to the left turn int Garigal Road. That will result in cyclist deaths for sure, if that diagram is accurate.

Edit: just shot off a query.

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I think you'll find it just hasn't been marked on that photo. That left hand lane, as marked is considerably wider than the two beside it, plenty of room for the bike lane to remain.

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What astounds me is the incompetence demonstrated here. As a taxpayer I'd like to know how such a fundamentally dangerous change to road conditions can occur and who will ultimately bare the cost of this screw up?

Given the speed it was reversed, it clearly was a dangerous change. Hopefully this also hints that the omission of the bike lane on the plans, as you point out hawkeye, is simply another screw up.

All the more reason to stick to the dirt. Eye-wink

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Now with added signage and a 60 zone.

Still not nice. They've reduced the lanes to the absolute minimum width it looks with no margin at the curb.

I'll takes me chances with wallabies that ignore the 1m rule and crappy NPWS waterbar construction down in the Cascades any day.

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That'll be a bit difficult for the guys on road bikes. Knew this was coming. The bit that scares me is the pinch climb up to the MVRoad intersection from the Garigal Rd lights.

What I'd like to understand is why they need to remove the bike lanes, and why do they need so much extra real estate in the middle of the nature strip.

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Why do they need so much extra real estate in the middle of the nature strip?

That's the land from where the extra lanes are being built...... 3 lanes wide + cycle lane northbound from about 100 m before Garigal road all the way to Mona Vale road.

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Excellent question.

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It's the government, I'm sure they wouldn't know

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