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Manly Dam Survey markings

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By GarethP - Posted on 04 May 2018

Noticed lots of (what I think are) survey markings on the Bantry Bay side of the trail. Blue paint of the type used for marking roads in construction etc. All the way from the Seaforth oval sniggle right through to Possum.

Anything happening to these trails? wonder if it could be because of the tunnel. Really hope we don't lose those bits of track....

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I think the preliminary survey/engineering/planning for the Nthn Beaches Tunnel is going ahead.

Possums and KC will likely go, Olive Oyl will burn brightly briefly and it will be the finich of Popeye's.

Bluto will be shutdown by NPWS bringing in a D9 and destroying the area in general just to make a point.

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RMS, Waterboard, Energy Authority, et al are all running around surveying this area at the moment and we should start to get some visibility of what's going to happen in around 2-3mths time...stay tuned!

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