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Anyone into photography?

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By arpit - Posted on 15 July 2008

I'm interested in improving my photography. I bought a new camera a few days ago.
Are any of you guys into photography?

The reason I ask is that I'd love to go on a ride and take pics of riders (and have people take pics of me). Obviously a typical nobmob ride is no place for this - stopping every so often to drag out the camera would not be feasible. Stopping periodically for photography is inconsistent with a flowing, fun ride.

If some of you guys are into photography, we could organise a 'photography' ride at red hill, to get some artistic and action shots. Red Hill really does provide some great photo opportunities.

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Lozza and I had a go at Manly last weekend and you can see the photos in the Manly album. It does take a long time though. The one lap must have taken 1.5hrs!

Wish I had a small camera with all the functionality and performance of a SLR though.....wishful thinking I think Sticking out tongue

But yeah I maybe in for a photo day sometime. A bit busy lately but we'll see.

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Awesome! Let me know when you are free!

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There are some pretty capable compacts around. I have a G7 (the G9 is out now) which takes awesome shots like these:

Random #8 (Imogen Smith) Flying Wilson Flying Steve

In fact, a lot of the highest rated images came from the same camera. Smiling

Lighting is the key, but even with an EX430 flash attached it fits snuggly in a Camelback. Being worried about dust and shock I don't take it on many rides but for sure - post it and they will come Arpit - I'll be in a photo ride.

FWIW, I reckon a Sigma DP1 with external flash would make a good trails camera as it's compact but still has a full frame X3 sensor and wide-ish lens. Doesn't get such a hot write up over at DPR though.

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I would be interested in this I don’t take my camera on mountain bike rides for fear of damaging it.

If you organise a photography day/ride I will bring the box brownie along and take some pics not promising anything good but I have some skill and experience I could share.

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i dont think anyone could take a bad photo of Imogen Smith Sticking out tongue

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Ahh yes the G series Canon's have always been tempting. Only problem now is that with DSLR prices so low it's hard to justify. Also wonder how the picture quality is like now that they are cramming so many pixels into such a small sensor.

Now I think about it my compact Ixus needs an upgrade too Smiling
All too tempting

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Nah, you gotta go the big guns like Buck with a proper DSLR.

Then you have ultimate control Smiling

Buck's a great person to talk to about photos Smiling Its another one of his hobbies!!

Sure did have fun aroudn the Dam, but the 1 1/2 hour lap is an underestimate mate...

we started at 10am, did a 1 hour normal lap and started our 2nd lap at 11am.

I would like to remind you, we did not get back to our cars until 14:30

so in fact the 2nd lap was a 3 and a half hour lap!!!!!!!!!!!

so yes, can't really be part of a normal ride.. It needs to be a ride dedicated for photos...

for a more complete set of photos from the Dam, you can look here if you are interested:


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I have a D70 DSLR with telephoto zoom etc... but I don't think I will ever take it on a ride as they are much too big and heavy !

Then yes I think a 'bridge' camera with more control over it would be the best option e.g. G series (I have a G2 Laughing out loud though I don't use it anymore).

I recently got a Canon A720IS for my folks, it has most of the controls you get on the G and is smaller plus has the IS - so I wonder how this camera would be as I really like it for point and shoot photos.

For MTB photos I suppose we look for a very fast continuous shoot mode with a fast memory card ?


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