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Should we MTB of NSW be concerned with the degrading of our State Forests

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By Vicki n Lil - Posted on 13 October 2018

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I have been MTB riding in the Mid Coast region over 20 years which is by international standards highly valued for its rich biodiversity. Sadly with Corporate demands and short falls in quota promises, our Forest and its Fawna have paid the cost dearly. This broad clearing dries the future forest out it becomes more flamable these trees also do not precipitate moisture like their predecessors. The justification has always been jobs and revenue but in an ABC news article 2 years ago it showed that the industry runs at a loss and forestry axed one third of its workers, in response. The new Forestry agreements are soon to be locked in for another 20 years.These are much worse no EPA approval, threatened species reduced to only nine, habitat retained areas reduced. Log within 5 metres waterways. 140 thousand hectares clearfelling style between Taree and Grafton. They are pelletising our mighty hardwoods and burning for electricity. This is a growing gobal market. So I ask as MTB riders in our public native forests do we just enjoy them while they last, or do we have a responsibility to ensure their biodiversity and well being?

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Clear felling is just horrendous. The views from The Lakes Way between Forster and Bulahdelah look like a moonscape.

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State Forests are pretty open to mtb trail construction and usage all around the country, particularly compared to NPWS. Yet as noted, clear felling of State Forests is an horrendous blight on the environment. I'm reasonably OK with aggressive harvesting of plantation stuff, but old growth should either be very selectively felled, or preserved. Even if that means handing it over to NPWS.....

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